Monday, January 5, 2009

If he has a family... he is rich.

Well, we are back from PSL :)

The trip over and the trip back were a little difficult... Elizabeth was not happy to be in her carseat for an extended length of time and we had to pull over multiple times so I could nurse her. I definitely plan on pumping for the Texas trip so that we don't have to pull over as often. And as much as I don't want to, I'm thinking about introducing a pacifier to Elizabeth so that she can have something to soothe her on the car ride.

Catherine was really good and was happy to color, read her books, and sing her Music Together songs in her carseat. We plan on buying or borrowing a portable DVD player for the trip to Texas so that she has something else to keep her occupied when she gets sick of everything else. She didn't sleep well while we were in PSL, but that didn't really seem to effect her mood much. She was her happy self most of the trip. She had a good time at Papa's and I'm excited to return :)

Mike smoked his first Cuban cigar, courtesy of my Pops.

Elizabeth was loving her big sister - she cooed and smiled at her a lot.

And, as always, Catherine wanted to swim :)

She was also extremely careful to "duck" under Papa's plants...

Right after I took this photo, Catherine grabbed a huge handful of soil and threw it... Punk.

And, of course... the best part of the entire trip:


♥ stacey ♥ said...

love the pic of the girls by the tv!!!

Ericanaysha said...

Awwww love all the pics (well of the girls

Morgan Scott said...

they are just precious:) I am so glad you started blogging so i can keep up with the girls! I can't wait for you guys to come here!!