Monday, January 19, 2009

Texas or Bust!

Man... time sure flies! Just three weeks ago Mike and I finally decided that we were going to drive to Texas, and here we are... three short days from hitting the road.

Mike left for Tampa on Sunday evening. It is his final week in the training program for his soon-to-be (fingers crossed) promotion. Hopefully a position will open up in our area soon... even though he will have to commute to work farther, which means he will be away from us for an extra two hours every day. I know he needs to do what he needs to do to provide for his family though. I am so grateful for him and that I am able to stay home with the girls.

So, the girls and I are here getting ready for Texas on our own. We are mostly packed, the car is clean, we've got the GPS, DVD player, and travel trays all lined up and ready to go (thanks to some amazing friends). We've got plenty of food, soda, and water for the trip. I plan on packing the van up on Wednesday night... well, everything except for Cate's mattress (we couldn't find a travel cot) and E's Pack-n-Play... those will go in Thursday before we leave. We are also dropping Lady off at the IL's on Wednesday night.

So we are out of here on Thursday at noon, we'll pick up Mike in Tampa at 2-ish, and then we'll stop off in Tally-ho to have dinner with Mike's brother in his brand-new house. We'll leave at bed time and hopefully Cate will sleep through the night and she'll wake up in Texas.

I planned on uploading some photos, but I'll probably do that in a separate post before we leave. Elizabeth is waking up, so it is time to feed her and then hit the sack!