Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This has been a long few days.

As most of you know (aka Erica because she is probably the only person reading this blog), our friends had a house fire four nights ago. Though no one was home, they've lost their homes - and most importantly - their pets.

Allison put out a call to help and help people did. It has been truly inspiring to see a community come together to help this family... even people that had never met them were dropping loads of stuff off for them and their children. In a mere 24 hours, we had collected enough clothing to clothe all four of them, toys to keep the kids entertained for years, books to educate them, toiletries to cleanse them, furniture for them to sleep in and eat at. The next 48 hours brought them more clothes but also cleaning supplies for the home they will be living in while their house is rebuilt. Not to mention the gift cards and monetary gifts that came pouring in from across Lee County, across the state and the nation.

Sadly, late Sunday evening a little girl - whose fight with an incurable mitochondrial disease I followed at CaringBridge - passed away at home. I can not begin to imagine how her family is feeling. My prayers and my heart go out to them today as they hold her wake. Please, if you are the praying type, pray for them.

So while I am inspired by the giving nature of people, I am truly saddened and heavy-hearted over these two tragedies. Please also pray for the family that lost their home in a fire.


Erica said...

do they know what started the fire??

Camber Mechele said...

Yes, Erica. They think it was the heat lamp they were using to keep their baby ducks from freezing to death.

Holly said...

I read it, I read it! ;o)
Thinking of these families as well, how very sad.

Camber said...

Thanks for reading, Holly!