Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drumroll, please!

So this morning, before I got in the shower, I decided to weigh myself. It is Sunday, after all.

I am down seven lbs. since our return from Lubbock! Yippie!

I am very pleased with that number and I know it will be such a good motivator, though I do wish I could bring myself to post my actual weight in numbers on here. Seeing that ugly number would be a much bigger motivator, but I just can't bring myself to type it up.

I have my Weight Watchers meeting today too. I have A LOT of questions for them about WW and how it works. I am still SO confused about my points. I have so many and never use all of them, but I'm still losing weight?

I also have to work today. Mike's mom is going to watch Catherine and I am going to take Elizabeth with me, as usual. I will be covering an "all-natural" cooking class today, at Back To Nature. In a few weeks they are holding an Italian cooking class where you don't cook with cheese! No thanks! I like my mozzarella!


Estep Family said...

YAY for 7 lbs. gone! I'm dreading my weigh-in this week (Wed) - We were on the run all weekend & ate out several times. It's a brand new week!!

Ericanaysha said...