Thursday, March 5, 2009

They suck. Plain and simple.

I ordered the BOB Revolution Duallie from them exactly a week ago. I started to get worried today, when they had charged my debit card already, but still hadn't sent a shipping e-mail with a tracking number. So, I called.

Despite being told on Monday that it would ship out on Tuesday, the CSA I spoke with today told me that *whoops*, it was actually backordered and wouldn't be available to ship until the end of next week and then would not arrive until a week after that...

So, three weeks? For a stroller? That I was supposed to receive in one week? I don't think so.

I asked the CSA to please refund my money, to which he responded, "Would it help if we took $30 off your purchase?"

Umm, no. It would not help for you to refund 1/20th of my purchase. How about you ship my dang stroller today and ship it overnight!


So, I cancelled my order and now, I am packing my girls in the van and driving my lard ass up to Sarasota to purchase one from an in-store retailer.

Long story short, never order anything from HappyMothers.

Maybe I will take a photo of myself with the stroller at Bennett's with the lovely salesperson and send it to HappyMothers to show them what it looks like when a mother is actually HAPPY, as in their name, and not pissed off.

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